16 March 2009

Mind Over Matter - Free The Wolves

Mind Over Matter are the Sydney independent hip-hop powerhouse that just don’t seem to stop. The duo, consisting of emcees Willow and Smiles Again have just completed their second mixtape and third career release, appropriately titled ‘Free The Wolves’.

If the alluring cover art isn’t enough to draw you in, the opening 30 seconds will definitely raise an eyebrow, it’s obvious that Mind Over Matter are out to destroy any notion you may have that they’re squeaky clean. Maybe it’s the unpredictably versatile beat selection, ranging from hip-hop mainstays by the likes of Premiere and Mobb Deep, through Daft Punk classics and top 20’s Ballads. Or the no holds barred approach to subject matter that sees the team rhyming about everything from personal issues surrounding their closest loved ones, to rolling a doobie up and getting dirty with a cop in the evidence room, but Free The Wolves is a release difficult to pigeon hole.

Free The Wolves represents not only a progression musically for both emcees, but also a departure from the happy go lucky sound they forged across their debut, while the same character and skill is present in the new mixtape, Smiles Again & Willow are out to prove they’ve got personality, and they do this with a vengeance.

Free The Wolves is a strictly limited press and is available for online order exclusively through Mind Over Matter’s MySpace for only $10, as well as from their upcoming gigs.

1. Free The Wolves
2. Rolladoobieup
3. A Beautiful Truth (Remix)
4. It's Not A Secret
5. The Essence
6. Show Me The Money (Remix)
7. Willow & Smiles' 7th Symphony
8. The WOlf Pack (feat. Phatchance & Drake MC)
9. Porn Stars & Sports Cars
10. Still Skinny (Remix)
11. Raps Changin'
12. For Real Radio Better Play Me Right Now
13. Eyes Wide Open (feat. Coptic Soldier & Phatchance

Mind Over Matter (Myspace)